Questionnaire for Students


The Questionnaire for Students is based on the primary dimensions of quality improvement and accountability in his/her school.

The Questionnaire, consisting of 25 statements collects data on the viewpoints of students to school policies and practices. It also seeks information about the availability of innovative learning environment in his/her school.

Students may seek clarifications from the PAT and submit the completed Questionnaire to them.

Dear Student,

This Questionnaire is a part of a research study on quality education. All information that is collected in this study will be kept confidential.

About the Questionnaire

  • This Questionnaire asks for your opinion about the school education system.
  • This Questionnaire must be filled in by the students only.
  • Please indicate your degree of agreement against each statement by checking against one of the seven columns: Strongly Agree (SA) 7, Agree (A) 5, Not Sure (NS) 3, Disagree (D) 2, or Strongly Disagree (SD) 1.
  • After completing the Questionnaire, please return it to the facilitator.
  • When in doubt about any aspect of the Questionnaire, please discuss with the facilitator.

Strongly Agree (SA) 7,   Agree (A) 5,   Not Sure (NS) 3,   Disagree (D) 2,   Strongly Disagree (SD) 1.











Q.1 Scholastic and Co-Scholastic activities are adequately planned, depicted in calendar and implemented appropriately .



Q.2  The curriculum of the school integrates academic, social, physical and emotional developmental needs of the students.



Q.3  Teachers use a wide range of strategies / methods to cover diverse learning styles to make the concepts understandable using innovative methods .



Q.4 Teachers use a wide range of strategies / methods to cover diverse learning styles to make the concepts understandable using innovative methods .



Q.5  Fire Evacuation / emergency drills are carried out from time to time. .



Q.6  Curriculum prepares students for lifelong learning and becoming global citizens by equipping them with life skills and positive attitude .



Q.7  School provides adequate opportunities for sports, games and fitness activities .



Q.8  Computer Labs, Science Labs and Math Labs are appropriate and meet expected standards .



Q.9  The school encourages participation in the Health and Wellness Club/ Eco Club /Literary Club / Heritage Club/ etc.



Q.10  School plans excursions and field trips to support effective learning .



Q.11  School has adequate medical facilities including nurse/ doctor in campus.



Q.12  Rest rooms, toilets, laboratory, playground, classrooms are clean, airy and well maintained .



Q.13  School has appropriately qualified & experienced Counsellor.



Q.14  Furniture and equipments for students are safe, comfortable and age appropriate.



Q.15  School pays attention to conservation of environment and places great emphasis on aesthetics.



Q.16  Library is well equipped and has a good collection of books and related material.



Q.17  Workshops/Seminars are arranged to enhance Skill Development / Life Skills amongst the students.



Q.18  The School has facilities to provide clean drinking water & mid-day meal / hygienic & nutritious food.



Q.19  There is peer system and mentoring for students in the school.



Q.20  Administrative office is approachable and accessible .



Q.21  Effective communication takes place between Students and teachers .



Q.22  The Principal demonstrates administrative and collaborative leadership.



Q.23  The Teachers demonstrates fairness and objectivity.



Q.24 Equal opportunities are given to all the students.



Q.25  Capabilities and potential of the students are recognized and further groomed by the School for reaching optimum levels.

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